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Default Focal plane vs. leaf shutters in MF SLRs

If the leaf shutter were not in a lens in an SLR then it would have to go
somewhere and inside the camera. The rear of the lens is near where the
mirror will flip up in any case so no room there. So you are stuck with
having to put it back near the focal plane. That's a very big "hole" for the
leaf shuuter to cover. It's housing would be outside this so you are looking
at changing camera design to fit it in. Also it would have to be a very
strong spring to get the blades to open and shut at something like 1/500th
sec over such a large diameter and you can forget about 1/1000th second. And
I doubt it would last more than about 500 firings before breaking. And it
would take some strength to cock the shutter.

"KM" wrote in message
I was cleaning my RZ and began wondering why each lens must incorporate

own leaf shutter, then began wondering why we find leaf shutters only in
lenses. I understand why the shutter has to be in the lens for rangefinder
systems (proxmity of wide-angle rear elements to focal plane =

space), but why couldn't they be incorporated into SLR bodies?

In current leaf-shutter systems like the Bronica ETR and Mamiya RB/RZ,

so would make the lenses smaller and lighter. In focal-plane systems like
the Pentax 645N, you'd get flash synch at any speed.

I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation I'm overlooking.What is it?