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Default Scanning 35mm negs and slides

On Tue, 24 Oct 2017 15:33:00 -0400, Alan Browne

On 2017-10-24 09:26, newshound wrote:
I have an ancient (and almost unused) Dimage Scan Dual IV which I
believe was well rated in its day. Is it still worth taking the trouble
to try to get it working on Win 10 (I also have a Macbook Pro and a Unix
box)? No current drivers from Minolta/Konica I understand, should I
invest in VueScan, or something else?

Or would it be easier just to buy something more recent? Not looking to
spend "professional" money, but not bargain basement either.

I'd get it up and running, but I'm funny that way. That scanner was a
late model, the last from Minolta being the 5400 (and 5400 II). I had
the 5400 and it was excellent. (Sold it and bought a Nikon 9000ED).

Is VueScan worth it? Sure. Currently it's about US$90. Question is:
can you get equivalent (or better) scans of the photos of interest for
less cost (and hassle).

I have a Dimage scanner but it's slow.
Are there good commercial scanning services for slides, that can
handle a chest full of old slides? Some slides have disintegrating
cardboard surrounds that will have to be cleaned.
Do these commercial scanning services clean the slides too? Some
slides have been stored in the open with emulsion-side up and so have
dust entrained in the emulsion. And there are fingerprints. Can the
soiled surface of the emulsion be scraped off?