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Default Scanning 35mm negs and slides

On 26/10/2017 13:31, Noons wrote:
On 25/10/2017 12:26 @wiz, newshound wrote:

box)? No current drivers from Minolta/Konica I understand, should I
invest in VueScan, or something else?

Most definitely vuescan.* I cannot recommend it more highly.
Been using it for over 10 years and it is the best value.

Or would it be easier just to buy something more recent? Not looking
to spend "professional" money, but not bargain basement either.

If you find a more neew recent scanner as good as that one, let us know.

Unfortunately apart from some of the top end Epsons, there is very
little choice nowadays.
Other than something incredibly expensive like the plustek Opticfilm120
- which is that expensive because of the crap software bundled with it.

Mine works heaps better with vuescan than with its horrible bundled

Thanks, that's definitely on my list to try, then! Nothing like a couple
of recommendations from actual users!