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Default Russian knock-offs of Hasselblad

"tcroyer" wrote in message
Anyone have any experience with the Russian knock-offs of Hasselblads?
eBay is full of them for sale.

Almost all of my work is digital with a Sony A550 and that's more than
adequate. But occasionally I want a larger format capability. These seem
like an inexpensive (cheap?) way of getting that.

Tom Royer
If you're not free to fail, you're not free. -- Gene Burns

I've used Kiev 88's (copy of the Hasselblad 500CM?) for several years in my
studio. They have performed well, but they are not rugged cameras. I use
them only in studio, mounted on a camera stand. I had one jam up a couple
years ago, and contacted a Kiev dealer (Kiev USA)- their price for a new one
was more atttractive than repair. I consider the Kiev 88 to be a
'consumable'! Their lenses are good, stopped down to mid-range.

You don't say what kind of work you plan to use the medium format camera
for. Each type of camera has certain capabilities and features that make it
better for certain types of work, and worse for other types of work. I've
also used a Koni Omega Rapid M, a 6x7cm format rangefinder camera. It's a
very rugged, easy to use camera, but since it's a rangefinder,
interchangeable lenses are a problem- you would need an accessory
viewfinder. It also would not be good for extreme close-up work. For general
purpose work in the field, I'd recommend the Koni Omega Rapid M.

Considering the low price of a new Kiev 88 from Kiev USA, I don't think I
would go the eBay route. I think I'd rather have a reputable dealer standing
behind the camera.