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Default Photographing birds in flight

"Dr. Joel M. Hoffman" wrote in message
:: ( - 100K ). Notice
: : the blue hues around the green leaves. There was no blue in the
: : original picture. Sigh.
: I can get that effect with 5D if I use a cheap, long lens wide open and
: foliage is backlit.I always thought it was Chromatic Aberration. Just out
: focus like the rest of the area.
: Hmm. It's with the Canon 17-85 IS USM (f/8, 1/640, ISO 500), not a
: great lens, but not a cheap one, either.
: A long time ago someone posted a digital way of eliminating or
: reducing CA, but I've lost the link. My guess is that whatever
: digital magic does this won't work with out-of-focus CA, but I'd be
: curious to find out. If someone has access to this anti-CA filter,
: feel free to play around with the image and post what you learn....
: -Joel
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Look for "Flo's tools" This Frenchman has produced a really nice set of very
useful tools which are camera make independent, they just need a PS
compatible program to use as a host.