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Default Photographing birds in flight

: ( - 100K ). Notice
: the blue hues around the green leaves. There was no blue in the
: original picture. Sigh.

I can get that effect with 5D if I use a cheap, long lens wide open and the
foliage is backlit.I always thought it was Chromatic Aberration. Just out of
focus like the rest of the area.

Hmm. It's with the Canon 17-85 IS USM (f/8, 1/640, ISO 500), not a
great lens, but not a cheap one, either.

A long time ago someone posted a digital way of eliminating or
reducing CA, but I've lost the link. My guess is that whatever
digital magic does this won't work with out-of-focus CA, but I'd be
curious to find out. If someone has access to this anti-CA filter,
feel free to play around with the image and post what you learn....


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