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Default Question for the master Roy G

Roy G wrote:
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Roy G wrote:

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. What do you think about the Epson 2400 or

British equivalent. We're starting a communications consulting group
and need something for high quality proofs e.g. brochures, newsletters,
fliers, etc. Plus, Gator Bait needs a new toy. Plus, the 128(9)0 is
wearing out.
A tod nivver sped better nor whan he gaed his ain errand:
Cheers and have a good weekend
Gator Bait

Hi again.

The 2400 is becoming very popular with those who do a lot of printing. It
is reported as being superb at Mono, as well as Colour.

The R1800 is also a great printer, many people claim it is best on Glossy,
and Colour. I have however, seen results from one in Mono and Colour on
matt papers and even on very cheap paper which were outstandingly good.

I have to qualify that by explaining that its owner is a very clever
technician, who had invented his own variation on the Zone System for film
Exposure, and Mono printing. He explained it all one night, and handed out
data sheets, but it was way over my head.

If it is Tax Allowable, you might as well get the dearer one.

Roy G

It is tax deductible as we've formed an LLC. Sometimes I miss the huge
corporation with a huge budget and IT staff to install everything and
fix it when I break it.
Have a good weekend
gator bait