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"Mxsmanic" wrote in message

It was sent by a customer of Digitalway in Lima, Peru.

Abuse e-mail:
Abuse telephone: 51(1)3175927

Address: Digitalway
Los Rosales 285 of. 401
San Isidro
Lima 27

I wouldn't be too hopeful about tracking the person down, though.


The problem here Mxsmanic is the Peruvian IP address is in fact an open
relay proxy server concealing the identity of the real poster. I myself have
had a network security specialist trace defamation aimed at me and found the
trail dead after attempting to discover the string of anonymous proxies
being used. There is reason to believe one single person is responsible for
a plethora of these sort of postings.

This is precisely why Google needs to be made accountable for allowing this
sort of stuff to be posted to their servers and then publishing it to Usenet
without a care in the world for the personal damage it does to otherwise
innocent people.