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Default taking pictures with computer?

zara wrote:
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We recently got an hp photosmart 618 camera. I was wondering if

a way to take pictures directly from the computer and bypass the


You mean use it as a webcam?

If that would make it possible to send the picture directly to the
computer, by passing the camera's memory card, then yes. (We don't have
a memory card in our camera at present.)

Unless the computer has wifi or has a direct capture feature, you need
the card. With Wifi you need to be in the general area of the computer,
thethering means you need a direct connection to the computer (ala web
cam). Both of these senarios don't give much flexibility and are only
available on certain cameras. Also most cameras need a card just to get
them working, start it up and you get a message on the menu screen
"Need Card" or "No Card Present".