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Default no rules of composition?

On 5/13/17 5:14 PM, Neil wrote:
On 5/13/2017 4:31 PM, dale wrote:
On 5/8/17 1:58 PM, Neil wrote:
On 5/8/2017 11:19 AM, dale wrote:
is there a guaranteed handshake between expression and perception?

No, it's guaranteed to be a very shaky hand between expression and

kind of nihilistic huh?

so much for my nihilistic sub-personality now that I've hit rock bottom

or was this just a philosophical edge that I was teetering on for a
long while and can now avoid?

either way, besides philosophy, my experience with art is more
perceptive than expressive

got to get a point and shoot and start taking pictures/videos of my
cats, can't push the little buttons on a smart phone ...

Perhaps more neilistic (same pronunciation, but not as fatalistic),
because what matters is which end of the art you're dealing with. Some
forms of art are imperceptible until the final presentation, so for the
artist, the endeavor (and only available tool) is to express.

can't find neilistic in wiktionary, but what about a narcissistic artist
whose purpose is his own perception from start to finish? might be some
partial attempts at this around, save Narcissus himself

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