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Default Newbie-- (WET!) Color printing aid question...Which is best?

Jos. Burke wrote:
Want to try my hand at traditional color printing using a Durst enlarger (
CLS-301 head). My question--Which color printing aids are the best bet for a
beginner to get a good print? Kodak has them! Jobo has them? whats the best
bang for the buck?
This is in regard to obtaining proper (tweaking) filtration settings
primarily and exposure secondary.

I was in the same spot more or less a few months ago.

1) A notebook. Write everything down. On the back of your test prints
right down the filter settings and exposure. Don't toss the bad ones. You
want to learn what happens when you change the filters.

2) On the Kodak website a series of pdfs on processing Ra-4 can be found.
In at least one of those documents is a little chart that goes something like

Your print is too:

Red add yellow and magenta
Yellow add yellow


I assume you mean the Kodak viewing filters. I don't think they are made
anymore. I bought a used set and to be honest I've never figured out
anything with them. For exposure I just do a test strip.

Once you've got the filter settings right for a photo then I found
any photo taken under the same lighting doesn't require a change in the
filters. It's just a question of getting the exposure right.