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Default Newbie-- (WET!) Color printing aid question...Which is best?

"Jos. Burke" wrote in message
Want to try my hand at traditional color printing using a Durst enlarger (
CLS-301 head). My question--Which color printing aids are the best bet for

beginner to get a good print? Kodak has them! Jobo has them? whats the

bang for the buck?
This is in regard to obtaining proper (tweaking) filtration settings
primarily and exposure secondary.
J Buke

Get yourself a set of the Kodak Color Print Viewing Filters (pub R-25 IIRC).
These will help aid you in determining what and how much filtration you need
to adjust.

Also, Make a standard negative for your film and process. Include someone
with average skin tones and a color chart and gray scale. Process this the
way you will always process your film. We used to call this a 'Shirley' as
that was the name of the model who posed for Kodak (they came in the Color
Darkroom Dataguides).

Don't rely on someone else's standard negative. Make your own!