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Default If there's no shake, I can't be responsible

"LOL!" wrote in message
On Fri, 18 Jun 2010 23:57:43 GMT, "Dudley Hanks"

I'm sure that, if there are any criminal profilers out there reading the
group, they've long since directed a fair amount of resources into
you down, and are currently matching your data against whatever unsolved
crimes you might be a good candidate to hang...

Calling you out for the SCAM-artist that you are makes me a criminal?


Like I said, logical reasoning isn't your best asset, LOL, nor is reading

I noticed, once again, you totally side-stepped the challenge... Scared to
reveal your true identity, Batman?

You don't like my invitation for folks to donate for equipment or to keep my
site on the web? Well, here's one you might like a bit better...

If folks like my style, and would like to see what I can do in EXTREME
conditions, I invite them to donate towards an expedition into grizzly

Remember Timothy Treadwell? Anyone who wants to foot the bill is welcome to
contact me, and I'll walk up to a grizzly and get some pics even you'd drool

Well, maybe not quite that simple. I'm a competant enough handler to know
how to do a proper introduction, but you get the picture...

Now, even you, LOL, might want to admit that my style of photography is
quite well suited for that kind of encounter, and I might even walk away
with an award winning pic... Would you quit your bitching then?

Take Care,