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David Martin
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I have had very bad luck with Mack Camera. Four years ago I bought a
digital video camera with a four year extended warranty from Mack.
After six months it failed. Over the past three plus years they have
tried four times to repair it without any success. I have never been
able to talk to anyone there who might figure out what is really
wrong. My guess is that with simple repairs they do OK but that with
anything electronic they are in over their heads. And obviously they
don't want to replace the camera.

Good luck,

Dave Martin

Dave Herzstein wrote in message ...

I have a Canon EOS A2E which has lost the stops on the MODE switch. While the
switch still works, vibration will cause the mode to change.

Has anyone any suggestions concerning a repair facility for this unit other
than Canon? I was thinking of MACK Camera in NJ but have never used them


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