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Default Google Lens Is Used 3B Times Per Month

On 5/22/2021 8:54 PM, sms wrote:
Google Lens Is Used 3B Times Per Month

The translate feature is amazingly useful.

Both Google Lens & Google Camera have a "translate" feature it seems.

My Google GCam translate test just now was to type a line of text in English
on using my desktop PC and pushing the button on to translate that text into Spanish on the desktop PC.

I opened the Wichaya Google GCam APK port on the phone and snapped a picture
of only the Spanish side using the "Translate" button in that GCam port.

Wichaya GCam port (main controls are just like they are with Google GCam)
Name: Camera_Go_1.8.3_Wichaya.apk
Size: 15629747 bytes (14 MiB)
SHA256: 32377240F5F66F6FE927B458E21B40FA44F60CEA7C0634B258 6AECFFE2F22B41

Interestingly the translation of Spanish back to English by the Google CCam
port was almost the same as the original English text sentence was
(it was definitely usable but slightly different from the original).
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