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Default Who still uses old digital cameras?

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Ant wrote:

I still have my used Canon PowerShot 1000s camera and it still works.

yeah, I have two older models, an olympus c-220 zoom and a c-725
superzoom. I use the 220 more often, it takes the most normal
photographs for family groups etc. the 725 can take great shots but it
has a strange reaction to bright light, even its own flash can wash
everything out, so it is best used on a tripod for still work.

I've tried to replace them a few times but always been unhappy with
the results from more modern and supposedly technologically superior

I'm still using an Olympus 'C-960 ZOOM' 2002, only 1.3 mega pixels, but can
give a pretty good account of itself on regular 4" x 6 " snaps.