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Nick Zentena
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Jeff Edwards wrote:
Just bought a Voigtlander (Voigtl=C3=A4nder) Vitomatic I rangefinder,
originally sold in the very late 1950s and very early 1960s. Several
websites say it has a pc sync socket for flash. A Google search on
"pc sync socket" did not readily reveal whether that term is a
universal standard, permitting me to use any flash described as such
on the camera. Nor did I find any information about whether any and
all inexpensive electronic flashes existed that had such a sync and/or
might work on the camera.

Can anyone explain whether I can use any flash unit described as
having a "pc sync socket" on this camera?

You need a flash that provides a pc sync cable connection. One problem =
which connector.=20

Look at pictures.=20

You should be able to connect any flash. Modern cameras have issues
with high voltage but you won't have to worry about that. Does the camer=
have a cold shoe? Or some other way of mounting the flash? Or do you need
something with a bracket?=20

You mentioned bulbs I think. Does the camera have both a X and a M
connection? You need to use X. M is for bulbs.