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"van dark" wrote in message
Have a look at my site

There are some very nice shots, but...

Too heavy on the PhotoShop for my taste. If it looks like
it was Photoshopped then it has been Photoshopped too much.

Need to caption the shots:

What is it
Where is it
When was it taken
Why was it taken -- is there special relevance?
Who was taken -- is there special relevance?
How was it taken
Has it been manipulated

The pictures are hard to see as the "Close Up View"
is still far away. If they are hard to see people
won't spend much time looking and the whole purpose
of taking a picture is having people look at them.

Plus -- unless he can get a good look the viewer
probably won't buy a copy.

An English translation for the biography etc. would be
nice, a Google (or other automated) translation is OK
if it is noted that Google etc. was the translator.

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