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Default Suitable tripod for Pentax 6x7

Stefan Patric wrote:
On Sat, 21 Apr 2007 17:24:15 -0400, Alan Browne wrote:

Christopher Tidy wrote:

Thanks very much for the thoughts. I did a bit more research and
discovered that the Manfrotto 168 head is the older version of the
488RC0, which has a load capacity of 8 kg, so it should be okay with a
Pentax 6x7. I even found a post at the forum by someone
commenting that the 168 head was okay for use with a Mamiya RZ67. Even
if I divide 8 kg by 2, it should comfortably cope with the Pentax.

The 055 is about "right" I would say. The 190 (you mentioned earlier)
is a bit on the light side. I have the 055MF3 (carbon fibre legs) as
well as a 190. I use a geared head, but a medium ball should do as well.

And another recommendation: To reduce camera shake during a tripod
mounted exposure and make for sharper photos, lockup the mirror, if you
can, before tripping the shutter. The torque induced by the mirror
flipping up can really shake a medium format SLR camera a lot. However,
it's only really a problem with slow shutters speeds like less the 1/30 or
so. It also depends on how long a lens you have mounted: longer lenses
amplify the movement.

I would increase the mirror torque/slap range to as fast as 1/125 up to
about 2 seconds. As you imply, different lenses mean different
resonance characteristics due to the slap. Longer lenses would be the
worst for both amplitude and cycle length, I would imagine.

Early edition Pentax 6x7's did not have MLU but it was introduced at one
point and Pentax would even update non MU cameras. (Per Karen
Nakamura's site).


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