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Default $500 reward for identity of image thief


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Why are you expiring your posts, douglas? Same reason you remove your
pages - so you can pretend you never did it/said it?

Getting Paradoid are we?

Hab you god a code in da doze?

The fact you used my pictures on your web site and admit it
is an admission of stealing

No it isn't. *Google* has your stuff archived on their website, the
*Wayback Machine* has your stuff archived on theirs... You still
haven't addressed that issue. Or are you suing them too? I bet they
are just as scared as I am. (O:

Changing identities is seemingly not my domain alone. You interchange at
least 2, probably a lot more with your "googling".

I've posted under two names, and have been 100% honest and open about
them. You've posted using over 40 names, and frequently have pretended
to be someone who is "oh-so-impressed" with your work. Not to mention
'Graham Hunt'. (Oops, I did.)

why don't you just publish your identity like I did

Simple. You have made several threats. That gives me a very good
reason not to identify myself to *you*. I, and others have asked you
to post your lawyers name. I'll happily identify myself to a legal
practitioner. What reason could you possibly have for not doing that,
douglas? Call MY bluff. I double dare you.

The simple fact is that the ONLY reason you don't do it, is that you
know you have no case and are in the wrong, and no legaloid would come
near you on this, especially after the threats you made.

So, go on, explain WHY you won't name your lawyers. Just the firm name
will be quite sufficient for me to contact them.

Scared, perhaps? (O:

I am not here for your enjoyment

You *must* be. You embarrass yourself with every post you make, and
clearly serve no other useful purpose. And I'm finding this thread
pretty funny, in a sad sorta way!

Sorry if it's boring others, but nobody is forcing you to read this