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"Brian C. Baird" wrote in message
In article ,
says... the name of a new magzine you may see on the newstand. I made the
mistake, and wasted my money, don't waste yours. It's utterly horrible,
except for one thing: it makes my pictures look good.

Well, anything that does that can't be bad!

Normally, I'd agree, but this mag is so damned bad it's no compliment.
Additionally, the presentation is awful. I'd swear it was printed on a color
copy machine; it's got that low-res banded color copy machine look. And the
pictures! Holy crap! Terrible. I usually pick up a new photo mag for a look,
but this one is off the charts bad. It makes Peterson's Photographic look
like the best photo mag ever.

Give me an address, I'll mail it over, and you won't have to waste your
money to see just how bad.