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Default B&H verification system sucks

In article ,

I bought a Sony camera on Sunday, received an email on Monday morning
I need to send them additional information to confirm my identity.

Monday I send them copy of my id, my linkedin profile, copy of my previous
online order from them and an email from my work email so they can
confirm my
identity that is Linked to a work domain. I dont get any response back.

Tuesday I reach out to them again asking if everything is fine and if they
are processing my request. No response.

Wednesday I started to get worried since my credit card is charged. At
point they charged my card,

your card being charged is your response that the order was approved.

And for those reading these
comments, just to summarize, imagine a company who charges your card, then
accuses you of being a fraudster and holds your order hostage, ignores the
documentation you sent and then ignores all your emails completely leaving
you hanging and wondering what the hell is going on to a point where you
cancel the order and then when you leave a negative comment replies back
saying you "continued to harasses them". I will leave the judgement to you
and leave it at that.

you're lying.

first you said you placed an order, which happened to trigger a fraud
alert because of mismatched addresses (and likely other factors), so
b&h requested additional info, which you provided. they reviewed it,
accepted its validity and then charged your card.

you've now changed your story to you placed an order, then they charged
your card but refused to complete the order until you provided
additional info and also cut off communication.

both can't be true, which means you are trolling.

you could have also checked the order status at any time, without
needing to email or call.

Now just compare this to other eCommerce businesses customer services
and how they work above and beyond for customer satisfaction. WOULD YOU

absolutely. b&h is one of the most reputable companies and has been
around since before there was ecommerce.

nothing is perfect and out of millions of orders, there will be a few
people who encounter problems.