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Default B&H verification system sucks

In article ,

I bought a Sony camera on Sunday, received an email on Monday morning saying
I need to send them additional information to confirm my identity.

Monday I send them copy of my id, my linkedin profile, copy of my previous
online order from them and an email from my work email so they can confirm my
identity that is Linked to a work domain. I dont get any response back.

Tuesday I reach out to them again asking if everything is fine and if they
are processing my request. No response.

Wednesday I started to get worried since my credit card is charged. At this
point they charged my card,

your card being charged is your response that the order was approved.

NOW THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A SECOND. B&H photo charges your card, doesn't ship
the product, says we think its suspicious, ignores all your communication
efforts and keeps your money as well as the product. Who is the thief and the
fraudster here? How is this professional or ethical in any way??

you're changing your story.

you used a credit card, likely a new card not previously used with b&h
and one with a mismatched billing & shipping address, along with a new
email address to b&h and possibly other factors, which triggered a
fraud alert.

they requested additional information, which you provided. apparently
they were satisfied since they *processed* *the* *order* by charging
your card, yet you continued to harass them.

b&h was no doubt thrilled to cancel your order and unleash you on one
of their competitors.

This was all happening because the billing address and the shipping address
was not the same.

that's almost certainly what triggered the fraud alert, along with
using a new email address, likely one that has a higher incidence of
fraud (e.g., yahoo).

next time, don't do that.