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Default *The Truth About Old Dick

On 4/30/2020 10:04 AM, Dick Scoville aka wrote:

This is one DELUSIONAL PSYCHOPATH aka Richard Morton Scoville

Over and over and over again Old Dick has been spewing the same old
drivel for 22 years. He is suffering the double whammy of Dementia on
top of his Narcissistic personality disorder. Proof is his constant
re-posting of the same SPAM dozens a times per day.

He also seems to suffer from Dissociative identity disorder, where now
he poses as Samuel Jackson referring to Dick Scoville in the
third-person and having that pseudonym praise the alleged lavish
lifestyle of Trailer Park Dick...

This third-party praise using the same boilerplate with broken links has
been repeated for decades, using 156 or so posting nyms, seek help Dick.

Dick will reply to this 10-12 times with yet another IP address as he
works down today's open proxy server list, and he'll fire up his spoof
card phone. WHAT A DICK!

The flying none