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In article ,
Sandman wrote:

In article , android wrote:

There has been alot of mail to the site asking
why I prefer Canon over Nikon.

What site?

Sarcasm is lost on you, I know that but it is a
part of human language and interaction. It's not to be used
on children that are so young that they yet have to learn
how to read though. I also know that you're not a child...

So you don't know what site? Just say so.

Thanks for proving my point.

Your point must have been that you have no idea what you're
talking about, as usual. Nothing new there.

That that's business as usual is your lack of savoir faire. Anyone
who's interested what ****ing you of can read the original post.

This constant trolling of yours - what do you get out of it? I mean, what is
the end goal? Just personal enjoyment, or is it some form of expression as a
result of a perceived anonymity where you're not accountable for your actions?

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