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If You intend on using the cameras as expensive point and shoot then any
will do
However if you intend too use A S and M then ease of use will be a factor
for your choice

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I'm about to invest in a 35mm SLR system. On the Nikon side, it will be

F100, or F5, on the Canon Side it will be the Eos 3, or 1V.

Both have great lenses, and both systems are good. I'm familiar with

issues, such as the Nikon lens system is not as simple and straight

as the Eos, but I won't be needing more than 3 lenses for weddings,
possibly four. Issues of ergonomics aside, I'm a little concerned

the mixed reviews I read about ETTL (and I think ETTL 11 is not available
for the 1V, correct?). I've read a lot of good reviews on matrix

and Nikon's lightning quick focus is very attractive (not that 1V is slow,
either), so I'm leaning a bit to Nikon, but it seems that Canon has the
upstream digital advantage, so there is that. On the other hand, on the
digital front, I'm happy with my E1 systerm, mainly for it's spectacular
color output and excellent auto white balance, so the digital issue won't

persuading me.

Of those who have had experience comparing Nikon's metering to Canon's,
what are your thoughts, considerations, critiques, concerning these two
(regarding metering)?