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Floyd Davidson
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Bill Funk wrote:
On 4 Oct 2005 18:56:56 GMT, (DoN. Nichols) wrote:

Clearly it means a transmission that is neither amplitude,
frequency, nor phase modulated. Any such modulation necessarily
must cause a discontinuity in the wave. The only thing you can
do is turn it on and off... which is called radio telegraphy!

Well ... to *my* mind, even keying (turning on and off) is a
form of amplitude modulation -- a rather extreme one at 100% modulation.

And it is certainly causing a discontinuity in the wave.


Years ago, when I started my hobby of listening, there were several
people who put forth the same argument.
The resounding response was: NO!
When the key is off, there's no wave present; you can't modulate
something that isn't present.
So, no, it's not a form of modulation.
It *is*, though, a form of data transmission. :-)

All very true!

If course "data" in the sense the OP meant it, where he said

"all radio transmissions of voice, data, television and
everything else are ..."

Didn't mean "data" in the same sense that c.w. is a form of
"data transmission". For c.w., "data" equates to "information"
while in the original statement it equates to "computer data"
organized into 8 bit bytes.

And while c.w. does transmit information, it is not used for
"computer data".

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