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Robert J. Mathes
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Default the effects of aging on developers

This question may be a bit of a handful. My question concerns developers and
what are the effects on the print or film as the developing agents age. I
know most, or I should say those that I use (powdered mix D-76 and Dektol
and Selectol), say a shelf life of 2 months in a tightly-stoppered dark
bottle is the limit and I follow that suggestion. But what I would like to
know is what can be expected as the developing agents age. Are the effects
uniform or do the highlights suffer first and shadow detail second or vice
versa? I guess what I'm asking is if the component developing agents
deteriorate at different rates. What happens if you go beyond the suggested
shelf life. Is there some kind of compensation that can be made for the
aging of the developing agents?
I'm hoping to get replies based on obviously more knowledge, but also
the breath of experience that others have in processing their own film and
prints. All replies will be welcomed. Thanks!