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Default best film holders?

"Scott Norwood" wrote in message
I'm in the market for some more 4x5 film holders. I have
a mix of
"Fidelity" and "Riteway" holders that are both fine. I
also have
a 1-2 of each that leak light (why?) which I do not use
for that

What type should I get and is there a recommended source
for used
ones? B&H Photo wants nearly $100 for two new ones, which
is insane.

(And if anyone wants to get rid of half a dozen or so film
let me know.)

Currently all the holders are made by the same factory,
I doubt if there is any difference. If you are buying old
holders easily the best are Riteway. I have a ton of old
holders and have tested them for correct film position and
uniformity. The only ones that are pretty consistently
accurate are the Riteway holder. Wooden holders may be OK
but tend to warp. I also have a bunch of old plastic holders
where not one side of one holder is correct.
Can you tell where the light leak is? There are two
common sources: one is worn plush where the dark slide goes
in, the other is a problem with the "gasket" at the loading
end. The flexible tape on the loading flap is not important,
the flap has an undercut section that forms a light trap
when its closed.
To test the plush place the holder flat and look back
through the loading flap. Shine a flashlight into the gap
where the dark slide goes with the slide removed. You should
not see any light.
Warping can also cause leaks because the holder faces do
not seal against the camera back. You can spot these by
taking the lens board off the camera and looking back at the
holder while shining a strong light around the periphery of
the back.
There was a guy, maybe still in business, who repaired
old holders and made custom new ones. I don't know what he
charges. Worth a try.

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