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Frank Pittel
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Default Kodak discontinues T400CN and Portra 400UC, 400BW; introduces Ultra Color 100, 400, and BW400CN; improves Porta 800

That's why I've given up on Kodak for color print film. As soon as I got used
to a film they discontinue it and recommend another type of film. I get used to
that and they change it again. Years ago I switched to Fuji's NPS-160 and have never
looked back. For B&W and slide film I still use Kodak though.

DM wrote:
: *sigh* I've given up on Kodak. Just when you get used to the characteristics
: of a particular film, they discontinue it and bring out something else,
: which is typically no improvement over the earlier product.

: (Peter Lawrence) wrote in message . com...
: At the PMA today, Kodak announced changes to its professional color
: and black & white negative film product lines:
: Here's a link to Kodak's press release:
: - Peter


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