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Default retrofit very old fresnel lights with modern bulbs, or where to find old 3200k bulbs

These all sound like stage instrument lamps, and your photos look like
'em too. These things have an ANSI nomenclature. I can't find a
decent guide to the ANSI coding online right now, but there are lots
of suppliers, and you can probably hunt for matching specs that way.
You're trying to match voltage, wattage, base type, and height of the
center of the hot element above the base. Additional parameters that
may be important to you include color of glass, overall lamp length.
You'll probably pay $20-30 per lamp, but you should be able to find
all of these easily.

Photogenic Vari-Beam with GE 750w projector style bulb with two
pin base.

Look at, say, an EGR.

Also a Photogenic disk type light with a giant screw in GE clear
1000w bulb. (larger screw in base than traditional house light bulbs)

This is often called a Mogul or Giant Edison base. An EEM is an
example of this class.

Last is a fresnel light Narar Pro Spot with a sort of bayonet base
that says Bryant on the socket.

If it has a flat flange with tabs that form a twist-lock, then it's
often referred to as "prefocus". These come in a couple of common
sizes. Look at e.g. a BTL (medium) or a BVT (mogul) for an idea of
this category.