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Default Digital photo flaw - equipment failure?

Here's Johnny wrote:
Hi all,

I am not a photographer (though very interested in photography!) but
I do fairly basic digital retouching for wedding customers. I have
received a few discs of photos from the same photographer a few times
now with the same problem.

About a quarter from the left border of a landscape image, a vertical,
single-pixel greenish line run through. I've zoomed in and can see a
small (maybe 2x2 pixel) white spot about 5 pixels from the top of the
image, and the green line runs vertically down from there, right to
the bottom of the image. This littel white spot looks like there's a
"hole" in the image, which is "leaking" the green line.

Can this learned forum please advise me as to why this keeps

I have raised this previously with the photographer and he told me
last time it was down to a corrupted media card. That sounded wrong
to me, as an IT support pro - if the media card was corrupt, we would
be having other issues. (That's not to say he was being dishonest -
he's not an IT person.) He told me he ditched the faulty card, but
here we are again. I suspect he's mis-diagnosing the problem, and
that ditching this data card too will not fix the issue.

Could his explanation be right? I suspect it's a problem with his
camera and that he's giving me excuses to fob off having to spend
money on it. I'd be very grateful for advice, as I don't want to
dismiss him if I'm wrong. He tells me he took many more photos after
the ones he took for me, and none of them have this issue, so he
reckons it's ot the camera. Then again he never noticed this the
first time, nor this time, until I raised it with him.

Thanks for reading this!

Problem solved, never mind!