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Default Canon Remote Controller for night photography

On 22 Jan 2007 11:12:56 -0800, "Bonehead"

Can someone advise me on which canon remote controller would be better
suited for night photography. The RC-1, RC-5 or the RS-60E3. RC1 and
RC-5 can both fire immediately or would it be better to have the
RS-60E3 so that you can press the shutter halfway to compose etc before
taking the shot?

The RC-1 actuates the camera remotely from the camers's front. So this
is a bit unhandy if you are taking pics standing behind the camera.
The RC-1 is best for self-portraits and group shots that you are in.
It has a 2-sec delay to allow you to hide the remote.

Note that the RC-1 does not do a mirror lockup when using the 2-sec
delay, contrary to some info on the web. (Would be a handy feature,

The RS-60E3 is more suitable for general photography. You can
half-click it to focus, etc. and can lock it for bulb exposures. The
2-foot length is a bit stingy but it works.