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"DaveC" wrote in message

I want to purchase a new Canon NB-2L battery for my G9 digicam.

What with the stories of abundant counterfeit batteries, and the fact that
Canon do not sell the battery on its web site, how does one know what is
"Original" Canon and what isn't.

Replies to the form of "you don't" are not appreciated; that is the default
no-brainer answer.

Any suggestions how to go about finding an new, original Canon NB-2L would
happily received.

Why do you want an original Canon battery? Get on eBay and search for NB-2L
battery and buy from one of their top vendors (they are marked as such). I
never buy Canon batteries as additional or replacement batteries. Generally
the big box stores had generic batteries for about 2/3 of what a Canon
batter will cost you or on eBay you can buy one for about 1/5 the Canon
price. I get two to three years service on the cheaper generic batteries.