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Default QUESTION: Leaky ikelite underwater housing

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I have an Ikelite housing for a Canon A75. Have had for 10 years.
Never a problem. One time recently, after returning from a dive I
noticed that there was condensation on the INSIDE of the housing. I
knew it was a bad sign and indeed, my camera suffered from water

I just purchased another housing...this time for a Nikon L-22.

On my very first dive with it, there was condensation on the inside.
But camera had no ill effects. I thought maybe it might be that
somehow ambient air was damp enough to cause the phenomenon. But it
has happened several more times (even once while cleaning) and even
though still no ill-effects to the camera I am starting to become

So my question is: is there any "safe" reason that condensation will
form on the inside of a water tight underwater camera housing?

I can think of several.
(1) Do you open and close the u/w housing in a high humidity
environment, such as the deck of a dive boat, or on the shore just
before you go in?

(2) Do you giant stride into the water holding your camera?

(3) Do you maintain your main o-ring on the housing per manufacturers

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