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Default film/photo scanners

On 2009-08-15 21:48:43 -0400, Miles Bader said:

Any recommendations for a reasonably priced film/photo scanner (for both
35mm and 120 film)?

A few years ago, a bit of searching the net seemed to suggest that the
Epson V700 (now I guess V750, aka GT-X970 in Japan?) was the thing to
get -- good quality, decent price, more or less as good as you can get
without a dedicated film scanner (which seemed _much_ more expensive).

It's apparently still in production, which seems a good sign.

What's the story these days?

Looking at shows:
Epson GT-X970: 42,485 ($448)
Nikon coolscan 9000ED: 328,320 ($3,460) (ouch!)
(are there any other film scanners still in production?)



Good God, where are you? The 9000 is about 2k$ in the US. And they make
the 5000 for half that. Do you need to scan MF? If not, go with the
5000. In fact, there are leftovers of the older model at about $600.