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Default First iPhone 12 teardown confirms smaller battery

Update on Apple MARKETING spin on the atrocious iPhone 12 battery life:

VP of iPhone MARKETING Kaiann Drance explains how Apple
tries to make the iPhone 12 atrocious battery life "even better".

She comes up with all sorts of wild MARKETING-induced ideas, except...
o the idea of *NOT cheaping out on the battery* in the first place!

Apple podcast:
o Apple VP explains new iPhone 12 features in-depth
"We're able to make a bunch of software optimizations throughout the
entire system to make battery life even better, and on top of that we
added a new feature called "Smart Data mode" that will allow you to
manage your 5G usage and battery life a bit better, so you can use
5G speeds when it really matters, and then for places where maybe it
doesn't matter as much it will revert to 4G LTE speeds to save your
battery life. And then the last part of it that I think is really
important is the work we've done with our carrier partners,
working with them on their network settings, on their deployment plan,
so they're also optimizing their settings together with iPhone to
optimize for battery life."

Those with normal adult cognitive skills note what she did NOT mention.
o Not cheaping out on the iPhone 12 batteries in the first place

Nor that similarly priced Android phones _kill_ the iPhone as reported in
o 5G Drains iPhone 12 Battery 20% Faster Than 4G in Benchmark

"*this falls short of the battery life of 5G Android phones*
under the same test"
The only people who believe what Apple MARKETING spins are the apologists.