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Default Fujica Compact Deluxe

On 6/04/2016 2:51 @wiz, wrote:
On Monday, January 10, 2000 at 6:00:00 PM UTC+10, wrote:
I need some information about this camera. Which type patteries it
need? It looks like very solid, but do anyone have some hints of
special problems of this model?

Sami Kallioinen

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Before you buy.

Hello Sami did you end up buying a Fujica compact Deluxe?

The Usenet reached its use by date around 5 years ago.
Nowadays it's only for trolls, people with more free time than brains
and little else.
Most unfortunately, but it's a fact.
I'd not put much ope in getting a useful contact here.
Rather go to one the still active photography online forums.
At least they usually have someone in charge of summarily getting rid of