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Default how to put the border around a headshot?

On Thu, 18 Dec 2003 04:43:53 GMT, "zeitgeist"

I usually use 300 dpi cause thats all most
printers really recognize even if it says 1440x2880.

To the original poster, increase the canvas size of the image. Take a
look at how to do that in the manual; its on one of the PS menus,
something like Image/Canvas Size... to get even borders all around,
click the middle box in the image that is presented in the dialog box
that pops up.

To Zeitgeist, you should know that your statement above is actually
incorrect. The resolution of a digital image and the resolution with
which an inkjet prints are two different things. So there's actually a
better reason for not creating digital images over 300 dpi.

-- JC