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Default how to put the border around a headshot?


Can you explain this process with more details. I have no idea still
of what needs to be done. thanks you

"zeitgeist" wrote in message news:[email protected]_s03...
Ok I took this headshot with a digital camera. Now i would like to
know, how i can put the border around it where i can put the name and
the contact info... so it look like a professional headshot.
I have photoshop 8. any ideas please.

crop your headshot to 7.5 x 8.45. Open a blank file and make it an 8x10 at
whatever resolution you want, I usually use 300 dpi cause thats all most
printers really recognize even if it says 1440x2880.

re-res your headshot file to match your blank page so it should now say 7.5
x 8.45 at 300 pdi, now drag it to the new blank file and position it. add
your type at the bottom. flatten.

before you flatten you could hit the f/x link at the bottom of your layer's
pallet and give it a beveled edge or a stroked edge which will put a thin
red (or other color) line around the image area, way cool.

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