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Default The last days of analog

In article , Eric Stevens

there are *other* options available to replace the outdated primitive
methods and equipment.

Do tell.

stitching is the main one. computational photography is another and
advancing rapidly.

And so much simpler than just adjusting the camera.

that's the whole point.

Computational photography is simpler than just adjusting the camera?


You are joking aren't you?


yet another thing you don't understand.

there is *so* much detail in this photo that you can see into some
windows and read the ads on the sides of city busses. one of the
commenters found naked sunbathers.
The largest photo ever made of NYC. 360 New York City gigapixel. If
you printed this image at a standard photo resolution of 300DPI, it
would be 18 meters or 57 feet wide, and 9 meters / 28 feet tall.
That's a big photo! For more information about this panorama, please
contact us.

an 8x10 view camera is a toy in comparison.

But so it should be. An enormous number of images went into the
construction of the one you have just cited.

so what?

A vast amount of work to achieve a result which in most cases could be
achieved by simpler means.

what simpler means would that be?

Taking the photograph in just the one shot.

a 360 panorama with that level of detail taken in one shot????

one shot is also an artificial limitation.

an enormous number of hours went into adjusting his 8x10 camera along
with many more hours for *each* of his cibachrome prints, and if he
wants additional prints, he has to do the darkroom work all over again
and the results won't be identical either (plus there's the stench of
ciba chemistry).

"an enormous number of hours went into adjusting his 8x10 camera"!

Hours? Just adjusting the camera? I think you have the wrong camera
in mind. This one doesn't come as a kitset but is fully assembled.

it takes time to use the movements you claim can't be done with digital.

Seconds more likely. It depends on the camera.

it's much more than seconds to use an 8x10 view camera to photograph
anything and you know it.

There are some things which as far as I know can't be done with
digital. Consider photographing a very tall wall from close up while
keeping the whole image in focus.

that's very easily done with digital and without any movements
whatsoever. i do it fairly regularly, in fact.

there are also tilt/shift lenses available for digital cameras, so one
could still use movements if desired.

like i said before, just because you don't know how doesn't mean it's

A technical camera copes with this
by raising and tilting the lens upwards while tilting the camera back
to the rear.

to photograph a tall wall (or more commonly, a tall building). the rear
must stay parallel to the subject to avoid perspective distortion while
the lens is raised to get the entire subject. tilting the lens will
affect depth of field, so it's not normally done.