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Default The last days of analog

In article , Eric Stevens

as i said:
don't blame the technology because you got yourself into trouble.
learn from your mistakes, and more importantly, learn new techniques.

in other words, *you* screwed up and are blaming everything *other*
than yourself.

And for reasons known only to you, you are ignoring the technology
which does away with the need to guess and estimate.

not at all.

the whole point is that the technology reduces and often eliminates
that need, making it *much* harder to get into trouble.

just because you don't know how to do something doesn't mean it can't
be done.

it simply means *you* personally can't do it and for some reason, you
don't want to learn.

You have misjudged the situation. I know perfectly well how to do
something. The problem I had was the need to guess and estimate the
extent of the correction. I would much rather use a camera where
estimation and guesswork was not rerquired and the image could be
properly constructed before being recorded.

the corrections can be done *outside* of the camera, where you can
guess all you want and undo it whenever you make an incorrect guess,
or, let the computer do the calculations *for* you, eliminating the
need to guess.

tl;dr user error.

Of course with a digital camera you can know in advance roughly how
much image is going to be lost in the perspective corrections but you
can never know exactly. You have to estimate the allowance to be made
and sometimes your estimate will be wrong.

that's the fault of the photographer, not the technology.

The need to guess and estimate is the result of a deficiency in the

nope. it's a deficiency in the operator.