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Default Paris by night - France - Part 5

On Apr 29, 10:58 am, Neil Ellwood
On Sat, 28 Apr 2007 03:20:09 -0700, Soren wrote:

Nice pictures!! What equipment do you use for these pictures?

If you go to an art exhibition do you ask the artist what brushes, paint
etc that he used?

This is really insulting; it is the artist/photographer that makes the
picture and the equipment is merely the tool(s) to translate idea/vision
into the image.
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LOL! So the guy has beautiful pictures and I can't ask him how he
produced his results? i.e. Learn a little from the artist?

I think you're missing the point here.. To make great pictures like
these requires two things: the right equipment, and talent for
choosing the right locations, setup etc. He can show med the brushes
and the paint.. but he can't really teach me to paint beautiful
pictures, but with the right equipment i can practice.

To me it would seem arrogant to think of yourself so much as an artist
that even your equipment is a secret. It's not a recipe for coca cola
we are talking about!

So in answer to your question, yes i do think a brilliant artist would
be willing to discuss technique after I commented on his picture. I
have no idea how you find that insulting... but maybe you weren't
really serious?