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Default Paris by night - France - Part 5

Neil Ellwood wrote:
On Sat, 28 Apr 2007 03:20:09 -0700, Soren wrote:


Nice pictures!! What equipment do you use for these pictures?

If you go to an art exhibition do you ask the artist what brushes, paint
etc that he used?

Well, I'm not a painter. I wouldn't understand his answers.

I *do* love the old joke that the difference between painters and
photographers is that two painters can talk for hours without once
mentioning brushes. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be true, from my
experience hanging around with SF artists at conventions; they *do* seem
to like to talk about tools and techniques.

This is really insulting; it is the artist/photographer that makes the
picture and the equipment is merely the tool(s) to translate idea/vision
into the image.

It's certainly true that the tools is just a tool. However, if I don't
know how to produce those results, I couldn't have made the image even
if I had had the vision; asking about the tech isn't completely crazy.