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Helge Nareid
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Default Information about [27may2001]

This message refers to the newsgroup, but
it also contains information relevant to

Posts offering to buy or sell 35mm equipment should be posted to (or to
In particular, posters are requested not to post any FS or WTB posts
to or any of the other* discussion

Also please note that is not a discussion
group. Discussions should take place in the relevant*
discussion group, which in the case of readers of this group is most
likely to be Crossposting between
marketplace groups and any of the discussion groups, such as, should also be avoided.

There are 5 other groups, they a was created on the 16th March 1999. It
should be available on all major newsservers. If you can't find it,
please contact your internet service provider's news administrator or
helpdesk. Some more information about the creation of the groups can
be found at The site
also contains some advice on how to get the groups.

The charter for is divided into two parts,
one general part for all the new* groups, and
one part referring to this group in particular. The charter is quoted

CHARTER: all groups* will contain all "for sale" and "wanted"
postings. These posting will be restricted to the private sale of
personally owned and used equipment. These newsgroups specifically do
*not* permit commercial advertising, postings by dealers selling or
soliciting equipment, postings from internet auction sites, or
postings by amateurs regularly dealing in used equipment principally
or incidentally for purposes of financial gain. They are intended as
forums in which photographers can sell, trade or request equipment in
connection with their individual photographic interests.

Postings which receive no replies should *NOT* be reposted for at
least one week after the initial posting and should not be repeatedly
reposted without material change. Replies (other than factual
corrections) should be sent *only* by email and *never* posted in*. Advertisers should include a telephone number
if possible in case there are problems with email connections (and
email problems are not unusal!).

Posters should indicate their geographical location.

For the benefit of all parties, posters are strongly encouraged to
make subject lines as descriptive as possible (e.g. "WTB Nikkor 10mm
OP-Fisheye lens", "300mm for Pentax 6x7 FS", etc). Use of brand names
is encouraged, as well as abbreviations such as "WTB" (Want To Buy)
and "FS" (For Sale).

Postings for auctions which are hosted on web-servers such as eBay,
*must* include the keyword [Auction] at the start of the Subject line
(e.g. "[Auction] Szabad half-plate camera for sale").

Postings must _not_ be crossposted to any of the*
discussion groups. Crossposting within the*
groups is normally not permitted, with the exception of informational

Binary postings are not acceptable in any of the* groups.

If and when new groups are added to the*
hierarchy, the "all groups" section of this charter may be changed
to accomodate any changed circumstances caused by the addition of
the new group(s). Such a change of the general
"*" charter must be included as a part of a
newsgroup proposal, and must be explicity mentioned in the proposal


For buying and selling 35mm equipment.

All postings made to this group should conform to the general
charter for the* groups (see above under
the heading "CHARTER: all groups") and existing Usenet guidelines
(see news.announce.newusers for guideline documents).

(end of charter)

The charter for and the other*
groups can be found at

Helge Nareid
Proponent of reorganization
More info at:
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