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Dennis Bradley
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Default Fuji S2 and Metz 44 Mz-2 Flash

There is a forum for Fuji S2 users at

Perhaps the answer is there, and if not, then I am sure someone would be
able to answer your question.

I don't have enough experience to advise you, but I normally use a diffuser
on my Nikon flashgun. I also try to avoid the higher ISO settings, which
tend to over expose the highlights.


"Klyment Tan" wrote in message
Hi David,

I'm no expert with digital photography (I don't even use a digicam most of
the time) but your problem sounds like something that may be common with
both film and digital photographic processes. I think the Metz is a pretty
powerful flash and you may be flashing from a fairly close distance. You

want to consider using a bouncer or some other softening attachment that

can mount onto your flash to increase the area from which your lightsource
projects. These should be available fairly inexpensively from most camera
shops. They work like the umbrellas or baffles you use with your studio
lights. Also, if the ceiling and your working distance provides, try doing
some ceiling bounce.

As a side note, I like your wedding shots. Personally, I like shots of the
ceremony that have black backgrounds. I try to flash with my aperture as
small as my flash will allow and still provide for me a reasonably short
flash refresh time. This way, your foreground will be properly exposed and
your background should be all black or nearly black. This reduces the
distractions from the stars of the day. =)

Hope this helps.

- K

"elchief" wrote in message
Hi, I am a new digital photographer, I use to work whit film for my
weddings and I have just started to use the Fuji S2 Pro, I like the
color and the image when I'm at my studio, but when I'm at a wedding,
whit my Metz 44 MZ-2 flash, the pictures are not as nice, they got a
los of contrast and hot spots, can someone share some info about
digital photography and flash?

see some images about this in my site

and thanks for your patience with my english.

David Josue