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Default low light movie works better than low light still photos why?

Bob Larter wrote:
John Navas wrote:
On Wed, 10 Jun 2009 15:04:41 +1000, Bob Larter
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Brian wrote:
I have a Fujifilm S8000 camera and find it difficult to get a good
exposure when photographing in low lighting conditions such as
photographing someone on stage but if I use the movie clip mode on the
camera the exposure is good....why is that?
It's sacrificing resolution for brightness.

Is there any way of
getting a better exposure when photograping in low light conditions?
If the ISO level is too high then the photo will be grainy. I'd be
happy if I could make 6 x 4 inch prints of the low light photos
without them looking too grainy.
I do similar photography, & my solution was to buy a Canon DSLR &
some fast lenses.

Another solution, less radical and expensive, is to upgrade to a compact
camera with better low light performance. My FZ28 does a good job of
low light stage photography.

That's very good for a compact camera, but only ISO 800. I routinely
shoot at ISO 1600, then push the RAW image another stop or two.

I do that myself but push my Nikon D300 files a lot more than is
possible with a DSLR Canon. The main reason for changing to Nikon.


I understand that the D3x is capable of a heck of a lot more but I don't
have one of those. I have on order a D3 so perhaps I can soon explore
the claimed ISO 125,000 of these cameras. For now, I have never seen a
P&S that can operate above ISO 1600 without producing terrible noise.