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Default How should I have shot this picture so it isn't so washed out?

"SHAKY HANDS" wrote in message

This picture was shot on my Olympus SP-350 using SHQ (Super High
Quality) + an Automatic setting + Landscape Scene. The shot is just
so washed out, I really feel I need some guidance on how to shoot it.

I'd like to bring the shade of the background trees into focus, and
(if you'll look closely) you'll see my orange power cord lying there
-- I should be able to see that much more vividly. It's not sharp
enough. In short . . . this shot is pretty bad lol.

I'm not a photographer but I am darn proud I cut down this gigantic
tree by myself and I'd like to have photos of it (I also want help
with a PANORAMA shot from the inside of my house to get the full
length of this beast . . . but that's another thread).

Thanks for every piece of advice you can give me. I am clueless about
what I'm doing here!

Actually, the photo is fairly salvageable. Some of the highlights have gone
for good - but opening your photo on Lightroom enabled me to make some quick
& easy adjustments that improve it a lot.

The recovery tool brings back many of the highlights - the louvered window
(thingy) for example, and the clarify tool (I love that one) helped the

All in all, it would be good enough for me - so have a quick play with the
LR demo (if you don't have the programme) and see what you think.

If you want to see the adjusted one I'll email it.