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On a related note, my broken PC stopped booting to the USB drives with
the recovery tools. It would boot only if the recovery tools were on a
DVD. I still need to look into that issue. It didn't really matter
much at the time because I had already tried everything I needed the
disk for, and those things didn't work.

welcome to windows.

It feels like welcome to Windows 3.1. Back then, you expected this
nonsense. After all these years, digging around to find solutions has
lost its allure.

If you are still having that issue, it is fairly simple to fix. shut
down your machine and turn it on again, push on the f8, that will take
you right into a screen, where you can adjust the boot order.

It's not the boot order. It booted to the downloaded media creation
files a few times, and then wouldn't - it just skipped the USB drive,
and tried to boot normally. When I switched the USB drive to the USB
recovery disk, it would boot every time, but there were too many
missing tools on the recovery disk. I am now assuming that Windows
made some changes to the other disk during those times I could boot to
it - probably changing the boot files on the USB drive when I was
trying to fix the SSD. It's just absolutely ****ing ridiculous. If you
Google the problems I had, there's about a zillion hits, all with
different fixes, but nearly all with a couple of key steps missing.
And none of them mention the issue with seemingly different files
depending on whether you copied to a USB drive, or to a DVD. There is
some mention of problems when taking MS's advice that says a 4 GB
drive is adequate. It apparently isn't, and you won't necessarily get
a warning. But even that made no difference because they still
wouldn't work with a 128 GB drive.

sorry. I thought it was simple. You have a decision to make. If your
machine was meeting your needs, hold your nose and pay to et it fixed. I
see there is a Microsoft kiosk in as Vegas. When I had some machine
issues, I went to a local MS store and some some pretty good service,
for no cost. Bring the Tech guy a Starbucks. That might be the reason I
got good service, for free.

No, it's already fixed. Google is smarter than MS support.