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Default Windows 10 support

In article , PeterN

On a related note, my broken PC stopped booting to the USB drives with
the recovery tools. It would boot only if the recovery tools were on a
DVD. I still need to look into that issue. It didn't really matter
much at the time because I had already tried everything I needed the
disk for, and those things didn't work.

welcome to windows.

It feels like welcome to Windows 3.1. Back then, you expected this
nonsense. After all these years, digging around to find solutions has
lost its allure.

If you are still having that issue, it is fairly simple to fix. shut
down your machine and turn it on again, push on the f8, that will take
you right into a screen, where you can adjust the boot order.

boot order isn't the problem he's describing and the mere fact of
having to muck around with bios for any reason is not 'a simple fix'.